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Have you ever wanted a shirt from The Cannon? Missed out on getting one earlier?


The two shirts sold, Oh Captain Our Captain and The Saadfather, are both on sale for 50% off for a limited time.

Get yours here!

O Captain Our Captain:

The Saadfather:

Come on, you guys know you love these. Grab one today!! Wear it around, wave it like a rally towel, convince your friends that things will work out next season and get them one too!

Since I need some filler, let's talk about how much fun the playoffs have been thus far. Washington is blowing it in round 2, per NHL tradition (come on Caps, please send the Penguins home). St. Louis and Dallas has been a great series.

Here's hoping that next season you guys can wear your new tee shirts to the playoff games at Nationwide!!

Buy one!