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Cannon Blasts - March 10, 2016

All the latest on the CBJ and NHL for you on Cannon Cup day!

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Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Well, the Jackets seem intent on not tanking, but perhaps their biggest catalyst of #winninghockey in 2016 is on his way to Cleveland.  Is this a subtle tank move?  I'm sure Bobrovsky wants to get some work in before Worlds.  The Blue Jackets are 11-4-3 in their last 18 games.  That's good enough for 114 points over 82 games at that pace.

In other news, Dan will have you covered throughout the day on the CANNON CUP as his team takes on FFMorgan's team tonight at the Easton Chiller.  Tickets are #hot on StubHub right now.

Fifteen more to go for the CBJ.  To the links!

  • The Blue Jackets received something called an EXPY.
  • USA Today looks at who needs Auston Matthews the most.
  • Good guy, David Clarkson.
  • A not so good guy in the eyes of Pittsburgh fans is Brandon Dubinsky.  He has his own bracket (!!) and a bye week in this tournament of biggest Pens Villain.
  • Our friends at On The Forecheck are not worried about Ryan Johansen's recent stretch of play.  Joey scored a goal this week for the first time since February 4th.
  • There are a couple of CBJ/Columbus notes in the most recent edition of 30 Thoughts.
  • The Boston Bruins are not having it with ticket scalpers.
  • From earlier this week, the Jackets agreed to a new contract with Oleg Yevenko.  It's a one-year, two-way deal.
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That's all I've got.  The Cannon Cup is tonight and the Jackets return to action against the Penguins tomorrow.