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Happy Holidays from The Cannon

Vancouver Canucks v Columbus Blue Jackets Photo by John Grieshop/Getty Images

On behalf of the writers and contributors of The Cannon, I want to wish all of our readers a happy and safe holiday! However you celebrate the holiday season, I hope it’s full of happiness, peace and good times.

Since I founded The Cannon, I’ve had many contributors helping me deliver engaging, interesting content. The site has grown over the years, and I take pride in the community we’ve built. It’s a safe, welcoming community for fans of the CBJ, and I can’t thank our readers enough for their help in making The Cannon the best place on the interwebs to discuss our favorite team.

I want to take a minute to acknowledge the team of contributors that makes The Cannon what it is today:

Andy Newman: Andy hasn’t been a frequent poster of late, but he remains a contributor-at-large as long as there is breath in his lungs. He was with me when I ventured out from being a message board moderator into this new-fangled thing called blogging.

Matt Wagner: Wags has been with me for many years, and brings a level-headed, informed and interesting approach to his writing. I love the passion that oozes out of his writing, win or lose Matt never fails to convey what we’re all feeling.

Dan P.: Danno has been there for me time and time again, whether he knows it or not. You guys know him as the voice of reason in CBJ discussions, and for the writing team he is absolutely the barometer for us all. I rely on Dan to maintain the discussions on the site, but thanks to the terrific quality of our community, Dan only has to act as an occasional coxswain, rather than a helmsman.

Jeff Little: Before Jeff joined The Cannon I was in awe of the quality of his writing, and when the opportunity came to add him to our team, I welcomed him with open arms. We’re all better after reading Jeff’s work; he brings such an informed and researched opinion. On a personal note, I can’t thank you enough Jeff, for the impact you’ve had on our community and on me as a person.

Eric Seeds: Go back a year from now and Seeds was one of our top readers and consistent contributors in the comments. The resident pessimist and lead Swiftie, Seeds helped us out with a recap and that developed into him joining the team full-time. His unique writing style and sense of humor was a huge addition to The Cannon, and he’s become a trusted and reliable contributor.

Pale Dragon: PD joined us in July of 2016 after being a regular reader and discussion contributor. He serves as the optimistic yin to Seeds’ yang, and the duo continues to blow me away with their dedication and talent. I lean heavily on Seeds and PD, and boy, do these gentlemen deliver.

Ryan Real: Ryan’s contributions don’t always make it to the byline, but nonetheless he’s a valuable member of the team. He’s our resident GIFer, and in the past when our real lives trip us up Ryan has played the role of pinch-hitter to perfection. One of my goals for 2017 is to find a way to enhance Ryan’s profile at The Cannon- he’s that talented.

Fletcher Keel: Have you noticed an increase in the engagement and quality of our twitter account? Give Fletcher a huge pat on the back, he’s single-handedly boosted our twitter account from an automated post-tweeter to an account that’s not only humorous, but informative.

I love you guys, and can’t thank you enough. What started as a hobby has developed into a tremendously important part of my life. Without you, The Cannon simply wouldn’t exist.

Happy holidays, everyone. All the best in 2017!

PS. Can you believe that this team, our Jackets, is the BEST team in the league? Enjoy the ride. This season is special.