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Game 12 Quick Takes: Blue Jackets at Boston

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The Bruins used a four-goal flurry in 4:01 of the first period to end the Blue Jackets' point streak with a 5 - 2 thrashing. It was not that close.

What Happened: After the Blue Jackets scored the first goal of the game on a Boston turnover, the Bruins returned the favor . . .in spades. Four goals in just 4:01 of the first told the tale and put the game well out of reach for a ragged, flat Columbus squad.

The Highlights: None to speak of — perhaps the penalty kill, which held the Bruins without a power play marker.

The Low Lights: Massive numbers of defensive zone turnovers enabled Boston to feast. The Blue Jackets were simply disorganized and slow for most of the evening.

The Bottom Line: Columbus learned the lesson they taught Montreal -- namely that you can't get away with shoddy play in the NHL for very long. Expect John Tortorella to emphasize that message.