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I said I'd do it and I did....

Figure since I have and have seen several posts or comments talking about our world outside of hockey. This kind of made sense. I know your Cannon Blasts are basically 'open-season' but just figure it would cut down some of the clutter that didn't really pertain to hockey at all.

I've seen several pics of shows like South Park, Futurama, Rocko's Modern Life, etc....all good choices too btw.

Steiner was talking about the music in this week's podcast....why not talk about it here?

Video Games you are addicted to?(Do you roam the Wasteland like me?) Movies? (Anyone seen The Revenant yet?)

Any pop culture? Books? TV? What are you drinking? Dirty jokes???...

*If this just goes to the wayside and we remain with the 'Blasts' that is perfectly alright, not trying to rock the boat(or am I?) just seeing if this works out for everyone and generate some good convo.

Talking Points from me.(Mentioned) Been fully addicted to Fallout 4 and roaming the wastes of Boston. Got Tomb Raider waiting and I heard it is phenomenal(if you haven't played the first of the remake, DO IT! excellent game) .

As for movies, saw SW:FA thought it was alright. The Revenant is next, and if someone has seen it please share at least if it warrants a watch(have til Sat), Lastly, there is the Deadpool movie(I love comics growing up and I love seeing all the tv shows and movies - a bit over-done? Abso-friggin-lutely, but it's still great to see these characters that I grew up with in a new light. TV SHOWS: Love the Walking Dead, and I do read the comic also. South Park. AHS:Hotel. Got my seasonal rotation. Can't wait for Bates Motel.

Music has been almost entirely been dominated by females in '15. Florence + the Machine was a surprising album for me. Thought it was just a solid,full sounding and just well produced album. Kudos! Love to come down this year to Rock on the Range that's usually held there at the Crew stadium. Anyone been? Is it worth the price you pay? (saying that as a STH for this team)

Speaking of the Crew, how is it? I been slowly developing a taste for soccer and been kind of interested in catching a game. Saw they did real well this season and almost won it all. Have to give me some opinions and let me know....

Think that is a good start from me. Hopefully get some responses and get the ball rollin' on some interesting convo. I guess anything that might take our minds off the Jackets and the abysmal season that we are just over half way suffering thru...

wait....what are you guys drinking again? recommendations?