2016 NHL All Star Game Open Thread

Division takes on Division as the All Stars look to claim dominance over the rest of the League.

Following an entertaining Skills Competition on Saturday evening that saw the Eastern All Stars edge the Western All Stars 29-12, the East chose to play in the first game of the 3 on 3 tournament, allowing time for rest. The Metropolitan Division takes on the Atlantic Division before the Central Division faces off against the Pacific Division. The two winners will play for the 2016 All Star Game championship.

Go Brandon Saad.

Because apparently more words are required, I guess I'll state that this is the first year for the 3 on 3 format, and Nashville has been an excellent host city to the event this year. It was tough to follow up Columbus' effort, but they have succeeded. Can we go the whole day without seeing any Ryan Johansen promos this time however, NBC? That cut a little too deeply.

Let's get to it! Hey now, you're an All Star. Go play.

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