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You have spoken to us, and we have listened.

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We had wished for this first child to be a masculine child. But children grow. They learn, and they change. And as they put away childish things, they must take on responsibilities.

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(This post is best accompanied by a little music.)

When we launched a shirt honoring Brandon Saad's old nickname, we could never have known that he was thinking it was time for a change.

We talked amongst ourselves. We heard what you said, and how you wondered if it might be best to leave these old things behind, and take up something new.

We have known each other many years. You have come to us for counsel, and for help. You reach out to us in friendship, and so your enemies are our enemies, and we will make them suffer as you have suffered.

We made the decision to speak to the folks at BreakingT. They shared our concerns, so we made them an offer they could not refuse.

SaadFather T
As before, we give our share to the Blue Jackets foundation - after all, that's just good business.

Get the T-shirt, and take this as a gift, on the day of our daughter's  wedding. Just know that someday, and that day may never come, the Saadfather may ask some small service of you, in honor of our same friendship. Perhaps your mother might even want to see you this way.

Addio per ora, il mio amico.

(Our great thanks to the folks at BreakingT for creating this new design so quickly for us!)