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Musical Throwback Thursday - 1997

Because it's the slow time of the season, let's listen to music together!

We've officially hit the slow season!

Now that the dust has settled from the Brandon Saad trade, and the team is close enough to salary cap to assume there won't be any more big moves coming, I'm always on the lookout for ideas to get any and all conversation going.

Sparked by a conversation I was having with Ville in the comments section of the Gregory Campbell signing piece, I rekindled an idea I'd had in the past: sharing some Throwback Thursday playlists (and soliciting ideas from everyone else). In honor of our discussion of the band Kent, and their (in my opinion) breakthrough album Isola coming out in 1997, I submit my 10-song #TBT playlist for the year 1997.

Go back in the archives and let us all know what your favorite songs were from 1997. If you were still just a zygote in 1997, please get off my lawn. :-)