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Jackets Sign Forward Gregory Campbell to a Two-Year Contract

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With Mark Letestu signing with the Oilers, the Jackets filled his spot with Gregory Campbell.

Marc DesRosiers-USA TODAY Sports

The Jackets have reportedly signed center Gregory Campbell to a two-year, $3.0 million contract, which carries a $1.5 million per season cap hit.

With Mark Letestu signing with the Oilers, the Jackets elected to sign a veteran to replace him, rather than wait for an internal option like William Karlsson or Michael Chaput to earn the spot in camp.

Campbell is known as a defensively-responsible forward, who also excels on the penalty kill. He's basically Letestu, but he was able to be signed for two seasons rather than the three that Letestu's camp were seeking, and ultimately received from Edmonton.

This moves seems to signal that the Jackets are expecting to make a strong push right away. They aren't leaving anything to chance, such as one of the younger players potentially not being ready to fill the fourth-line center spot. It was for this reason that I wanted Letestu to be re-signed, or for the Jackets to sign a similar UFA. I mentioned earlier today that Marcel Goc would make sense, but Campbell fits the bill perfectly, both in terms of abilities and cost.