Round 1 Results: The Cannon's Bracket Challenge

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Round 1 is complete and with that we have some results to report out from the NHL Bracket Challenge.

At the top of the mountain is irieman79, who correctly predicted all eight series correctly in the first round. In addition, he (I'm assuming) picked up nine additional bonus points by correctly picking the length of three series. Try this link here.

Fear not, those who still have your Conference Finalists alive. Irieman79 goes off the beaten path a beat by predicting the Wild to play the Ducks next round in the West while he has the Caps advancing past the rangers and meeting Montreal in the East. Of course, if you have those exact same predictions and are behind him...well...maybe you picked the SCF differently.

In second place is LosAngelesKings818, who only missed on picking the Canadiens in round one, but he/she did pick up 12 bonus points, so they sit 7 behind first place and are the only user to pick the Wild to win it all. User jgibv sits alone in 3rd with 79, and rounding out the top of the group is Jim E, tetra00, and thisisbright all with 73 points. The bulk of our group picked between 5-6 series correctly, with most users sitting in the 50 to 69 point range.

Injuryplagued gets a shout out for bringing up the rear (54th place - we lost a user?) with 33 points. His (or her) Stanley Cup Champion is still alive - the Tampa Bay Lightning. Just five people have lost their Stanley Cup Champion pick.

Points increase to 25 per correct pick in this next round.

Group standings link here.

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