2015 World Junior Championships Schedule - Day 5

There are only two games on tap today, with nothing on the line outside of who finishes last in their respective groups.

Denmark vs. Switzerland

As I've mentioned before, this game is important for the Danes- a win or OT loss will go a long way in ensuring they avoid the relegation round. They're currently sitting with two points in the standings, tied with the Czech Republic. The Czechs face the Russians in their final game, so there's a chance the upstart Danes can ensure themselves a spot in the quarters and a guaranteed spot in next year's tournament. They have the ability to steal a game, and will be well-matched with the Swiss. Either side has potent offensive players, which could lead to a high-scoring game. Tune in if you can.

Slovakia vs. Germany

The Germans are destined for the relegation round, as they are the only team who have yet to earn a point in the standings. A reminder- after the preliminary round, the bottom two teams in each five-team Group plays a best of three round, with the losing side getting relegated. The Slovaks have been hard to play against, but the Germans have given their opposition a hard time as well. This one should come down to goaltending. If the Germans can win this one, it sets up for an exciting finish on New Year's Eve, when the Germans take on Finland. That game could decide the bottom team in the group as the Finns only have one point in the standings.

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