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All Injuries Are Healed.... Sorta

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Nathan Horton may still not be 100%.

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

As the Blue Jackets Media Lunch kicked off, it was pretty clear that Ryan Johansen and his contract would be the big talking point. Lost in some of that shuffle is that the team did have some guys with some significant injuries at the end of the season that required surgery and/or rehab of some kind.

GM Jarmo Kekalainen pronounced the club completely healed from all of those injuries... with one slight caveat, of course.

"All the injuries that we had last year with players that needed surgery or rehab have been successful, and they're up to 100% health," Kekalainen said. "Nathan Horton with his shoulder is to 100%, and with the abdominal surgery he's to 100%. But, he's had a little bit of a lingering back issue over the summer, and he's rehabbing that and strengthening his core. He probably will not be able to take part in full action at the start of training camp."

Talk about burying the lede, there.

Horton's health was definitely my biggest concern when the free agent contract was signed last summer, and given the way his season played out last year this revelation is certainly not a good one. Time will tell just how limited Horton will be, but considering he missed camp and the first half of the season last year, missing time to start again certainly won't help.