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Cannon Blasts - August 27, 2014

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News & Notes about the CBJ and the NHL

Russell LaBounty-USA TODAY Sports
  • LOTS of rumors right now regarding potential NHL expansion.  Here is what Deadspin had compiled this morning.  Based on all of the reports out there right now, it seems 2017 is being targeted by Bettman and there are quite a few cities being named (Seattle, Kansas City, Las Vegas, Quebec, Toronto
  • Yesterday was Blue Jackets day on PHT.
  • Julia Lawrence (Union and Blue) wonders if the CBJ can get off to a good start this season.  We all know the last seasons have not started off well, making for uphill climbs later in the year.
  • Todd Richards made an appearance at Ohio State football practice last week and spoke to the team.
  • Potential "holdout" talks are now starting to surface among writers more frequently in regards to Ryan Johansen, a situation all CBJ fans hope does not come to fruition.
  • Milano confirms that he has not had any ELC talks with the front office yet.

Don't forget CannonFest is this weekend!