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Scoreboard Watch 4/10/14 - Open Thread

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Who will the Jackets face in the Stanley Cup Playoffs?

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sport

Thought I'd give everyone a place to chat for tonight's games. See Dan's breakdown for current playoff matchups and possibilities.

Who we're rooting for tonight:

Buffalo Sabres over New York Rangers

Because Rangers Nash.

Our Metropolitan neighbors have a blog.

Sabres (21-49-9) at Rangers (44-31-5)

7 PM Eastern


Last 10: Buffalo 2-7-1; New York 7-2-1

Tampa Bay Lightning over Philadelphia Flyers

Someone tell Stamkos to shoot high glove side on Steve Mason.

A Tampa Bay win puts the Jackets as close to being in the driver's seat for 3rd in the Metro as possible. A Flyers loss tonight and the Jackets only need to earn one more point or ROW than Philly in the final weekend of play to secure a date with Derick Brassard & Co.

Philadelphia has a hockey blog.

Flyers (41-29-9) at Lightning (43-27-9)

7:30 PM Eastern


Last 10: Philadelphia 4-4-2; Tampa Bay 5-3-2

Oh, and one more thing...