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Week 24: NHL Power Rankings Recap

Going on a 1-3 slide will start to make the doubters think they were right.

Kirk Irwin

Power rankings are a fun distraction, conversation piece, and even validation through the end of March. But as the calendar will soon flip to April, they become functionally irrelevant as a piece of discussion. Right now, what matters is winning. Another two points. Another step up the ladder.

Securing a second or third place finish in the Metropolitan Division is still in sight, albeit much harder now than it was a week ago. But if the Blue Jackets keep winning, they control their own destiny. No tiebreakers or hoping someone else loses to let us in the playoffs. Just win and you're in. You can't ask for much more than that. 13th (Last week: 13)

TSN: 14th (Last week: 12)

ESPN: 17th (Last week: 14)

CBS Sports: 16th (Last week: 9)

Fox Sports: 19th (Last week: 10)

Average ranking: 16th (Last week: 12)

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