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Your Turkey Week Edition of Cannon Blasts

Some Forbes rankings, the evolution of the All-Star Game, notes from the NHL GM meetings, and LOL, ok Lucic.

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Well, here we are rounding the quarter pole in the season this week (isn't that sad?).  If you're in the U.S., I hope you get some time to enjoy Thanksgiving with loved ones.  Unless I see a bunch of super awesome links, I will skip a late-week edition of Cannon Blasts and I'm going to go ahead and blame it on the food coma for missing that.

-The annual Forbes NHL Team Values Rankings are out, and it's not a pretty picture for Columbus.  The Jackets rank 29th in current team value ($200 million), while also coming in the bottom 5 in operating income ($6.3 million loss), revenue ($86 million), and debt/value % (38%).  The team did see a 14% increase in one-year value.  The fanbase failed to crack the top 10 in their annual "Best Fans" rankings.

-Arctic Ice Hockey detailed the evolution of the NHL All-Star Game.

-Missed this last week, but here are some notes from the NHL GM meetings.  The Blue Jackets actually played in one of the last game (the last one?) featuring a dry scrape before overtime.  That is now gone.  Goal review will be expanded as well.

-The inconsistent play of the Jackets is upsetting to Todd Richards (Union and Blue).

-Somehow, the Jackets escape 30th place in the famed "power rankings."

-ICYMI, Lucic is...well, he's upset about being KO'd in one punch by Dalton Prout.

Can we get some wins this week everybody?  Oh look, it's another Tuesday/Friday/Saturday slate of games.  Deja vu?