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Bobrovsky out 1-2 weeks with broken finger

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The Jackets shocked everyone this morning by announcing that Sergei Bobrovsky broke a finger in practice yesterday, and will miss 1-2 weeks.

Harry How

If it wasn't for bad luck, the Blue Jackets wouldn't have any luck at all this season.

On the heels of Cam Atkinson's frightening near miss and Nick Foligno's shocking injury on Sunday, now Sergei Bobrovsky is going to miss 1-2 weeks of game action. Why? Because he broke a finger sometime during yesterday's optional practice.

Curtis McElhinney will take the reins while he's out, and Anton Forsberg has been brought back up from Springfield to back him up during that time.

It's worth remembering that the team was in a similar situation - worse, in fact - when Bob suffered a groin injury last season, and they found ways to win. C-Mac will be relied on to step up, and the team in front of him is going to need to play hard and play sharp, but they've done it before.

It's also worth pointing out that in that 1-2 week timeline the team will face Toronto, Carolina (twice!), Jersey, and the Lightning after today's game against Ottawa. Not teams to take lightly, but not a murderer's row either.

Still, it's one more piece of frustrating, inexplicable, what the hell just happened news, which seems to be the theme so far for the 2014-2015 season.

Dear Hockey Gods: Would you please quit it?