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Cannon Blasts - October 13, 2014

Cannon Blasts - October 13, 2014

Ronald Martinez

The first weekend is in the books, the Jackets are 2-0, and Dallas and Calgary come into town this week (Tuesday/Friday).  Let's take a look at today's blasts:

  • I missed this over the summer, but everyone's favorite site for #fancystats, Extra Skater, is gone.  Here are some suggested places to find advanced stats this season, though with just a handful of games down I have not really heard reviews of any of the sites yet,
  • Speaking of fancy stats, the Union Blue (mostly The Coach and Alison) announced a new project to track rebounds.  It will be interesting to follow throughout the season, in my opinion.
  • Some more TUB love (I doubt they like that moniker, right?) - this time, CBJProspects gives us an early-season look at the CBJ prospects in the CHL.
  • Our old friend Steve Mason seems to have found his old form through two games.  Quietly (I didn't even realize) he put up nearly identical stats last season as his rookie year (minus the whole 10 shutouts thing).  He is in his first year of a 3 year / $12.3 million deal.
  • His teammate and former Blue Jacket, R.J. Umberger, is struggling as well, much like the entire Flyers team.  But it is early.
  • Tomorrow's opponent was the worst team in the West last season against Eastern Conference opponents.  Will those struggles carry over to this season?  Tune in Tuesday at 7:00.
  • Fox Sports Ohio dives into the Jackets' "team first" attitude so far this season.
  • Also from FSO this weekend - the story behind the cannon (the one at the Arena, not this site).
  • Dobber Sports pulled together all of the predictions this season for the East and averaged them out.  CBJ? 3.75 in the Metro, with no writers or analysts picking them 8th.
  • Miss the game on Saturday (and thus, dancing Kevin)? Don't worry, Deadspin set his dance to slow motion (potentially NSFW, depending on where you work).  Keep in mind it is a large man pouring beer on himself with his shirt off, and pulling off some rather...risque moves with Labbatt's bear mascot.  You have been warned.