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The Cannon's People's Choice Midseason MVP

Let's take this short break between games to name your midseason MVP for the Blue Jackets.

Al Bello

We get to share our opinions on who's exceeding expectations and who's underperforming, but now I'd like to hear from you, lovely reader of The Cannon. Just over halfway through the season, I'd like to hear who you feel is the Most Valuable Player for the Blue Jackets so far.

The process will be simple: I'll set up a poll that will run through Thursday at 2 pm. A winner will be selected by overall number of votes with two runners up. Use whatever voting criteria you'd like.

I'd like to encourage you to leave a comment on why you picked who you did for midseason MVP. Ideally, I'll take your comments and include them as blurbs in the next post supporting the top three winners. If there's a tie, the best comment/argument supporting that player will break the tie. (I will choose the best comment if necessary.)

I won't list every player, so feel free to include a write-in candidate below. I will be sure to include those votes in the final tally.