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2014 NHL Draft Discussion Thread

The first round of the 2014 NHL Draft is tonight, with rounds 2-7 going tomorrow. In addition to the talented prospects available, there has been rampant speculation about some big names getting traded this weekend.

Will we see a Jason Spezza trade? What about Ryan Kesler or Joe Thornton?

Will the Panthers get an offer they can’t refuse for the number one overall pick?

How about an out of nowhere deal, like last year with Cory Schneider?

The Jackets have the following picks:

Round 1 – 16th Overall

Round 2 – 38th Overall (Toronto’s Pick Originally, Anaheim’s Choice if Columbus gets this pick in 2014 or 2015. Anaheim must inform Columbus prior to the start of the draft.)

Round 2 – 47th Overall

Round 3 – 63rd Overall (Edmonton’s Pick Originally, Acquired from LA)

Round 3 – 77th Overall

Round 4 – 107th Overall

Round 5 – 137th Overall (Reacquired from the Edmonton Oilers for Nikita Nikitin)

Round 7 – 197th Overall

It’s unlikely the Jackets will be active on the trade front, but you never know. The scouting staff may covet a player, and they’ll bug Jarmo to swing a deal to get him. On the other hand, the team may be underwhelmed with what’s available at a certain slot and elect to move back, picking up an additional asset in the process.With the Hartnell deal done, I doubt trades involving players coming or going from Columbus will happen, but I’ve been surprised before on draft day.

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Sit back and enjoy the ride, Jackets fans!