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Game Thread #7(x): Blue Jackets @ Sabres

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The Jackets are back in (preseason) action against the Sabres tonight.

Kirk Irwin

Hey folks, sorry for no preview today- real life got in our way today.

The Jackets are in Buffalo, where they are looking to bounce back after a lackluster loss to the Wild. Thanks to injuries to Jared Boll, Derek MacKenzie and Cody Bass, Jonathan Marchessault, Sean Collins and Dalton Smith have been called up to fill out the roster.

The defensemen dressing for the Jackets tonight outside of James Wisniewski are battling for one or two spots on the opening night roster. It may be the last chance for some of these guys to force the coaches to keep them in the NHL to start the year.

Again, sorry for the bare bones coverage today, everyone. We'll be all set for the regular season!