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Game Thread #23 - Blue Jackets vs. Oilers

The Jackets welcome the Oilers back to town in an effort to get above the point-per-game mark at home for the first time all season.

Kirk Irwin

The last time we saw these Oilers, they had playoff aspirations. Now? Well, it looks an awful lot like last year's games when one looks at the current standings. 14th and 15th in the West. Stop me if you've heard this one before.

At any rate, the Oilers left Columbus last time with a 3-1 win, thanks to two goals on awful turnovers and an empty netter. The Blue Jackets could muster just one goal on 40 (!) shots. That will, of course, have to change--on both ends--if Columbus wants to get the win tonight.

The Jackets are without Nikita Nikitin, who will sit after suffering an injury on Sunday. However, Jack Johnson and Derick Brassard are back.

Steve Mason is in goal.