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Blue Jackets Roundtable Podcast - Episode VII

The podcast is back with a special guest!

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The Blue Jackets Roundtable Podcast is back, this time with 100% more Rob Mixer! The Blue Jackets' dean of all things social media joins Dan for a discussion about social media in sports, Gangnam Style and Harlem Shake videos, a game-day in the life of Rob, as well as some quick playoff predictions. Also, see below for some Internet-meme-video tie-ins to the discussion in the podcast!

If the player above isn't working, you can download this episode (right click and save) as well.

We're also trying to get this podcast into iTunes for those of you who prefer that route of podcast earhole-stuffing. For now, you can add our feed to your iTunes by going to the File menu and selecting "Subscribe to Podcast...". When prompted for the feed URL, you can add this: The feed should then populate to your podcasts. If we're able to get the feed into iTunes itself, we'll keep you all posted.

Enjoy these videos!

Blue Jackets Gangnam Style

Blue Jackets Harlem Shake

Blue Jackets Harlem Shake Dancing Kevin