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Game Thread #32 - Blue Jackets vs. Predators

Jackets and Predators get back at it at 8:00 tonight!

Russell LaBounty-USA TODAY Sports

The Blue Jackets are riding some kind of wave. They're breaking franchise records left and right, with 12 straight games with at least a point, and last night throwing in three goals in 1:15 of time to break open a close, rather ugly game into a laugher.

It doesn't get easier, as the Predators have been at home resting since Thursday, when they took care of Calgary themselves, breaking out of their funk. The Jackets haven't been road-tested in quite a while, and will need to bring the same energy and intensity they've brought at home during this streak.

They've played themselves into the playoff discussion legitimately. Now is the final hurdle: to prove they can do it on the road. It starts tonight!