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Game Thread #26 - Blue Jackets vs. Red Wings

We're right back at it again with the Wings, this time at the Joe. Spring forward!

Kirk Irwin

Fresh off a 3-0 drubbing yesterday, these two teams get right back at it again today. Sergei Bobrovsky (YOU'RE A CREDIT TO THE FORCE, BOBROVSKY!) will again get the crease, coming off his first career shutout yesterday against these Wings. Jimmy Howard gets the nod for Detroit after a rare day off yesterday.

The Jackets were very good yesterday in the faceoff circle (67% wins) and on the forecheck, and they made Detroit pay for some turnovers. With the home last change, they may not get the same matchups, but if they bring the intensity that will go a long way toward finishing off this series with another win.

Let's get it done.