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Game Thread #13 - Blue Jackets vs. Sharks

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The Jackets' six-game homestand comes to an end tonight as the Sharks come calling, looking to end a four-game skid.

Thearon W. Henderson

Let's be honest: the Sharks are looking at us like a slump-buster. They're mired in an 0-2-2 skid, and they're starting a six-game road trip. The Blue Jackets are on the second night of a back-to-back. It looks ripe for the picking if you're a Sharks fan, doesn't it?

The question mark would be one thing: can the Jackets play like they did last night? Can they forecheck? Can they limit the scoring chances they give up? Can they stop making boneheaded defensive plays? Can they generate the shots they did last night against a team playing good defense?

Yeah, I don't know either.

And that's the rub with this squad: they look one night like they can play with anyone, and they look the next night like they have no direction. Can they finally put together two full-game-efforts in a row, and perhaps find the back of the net? They ran into a hot goalie last night. Well, both of San Jose's goalies have been playing well.