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Columbus Awarded 2015 NHL All Star Game

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After losing the 2013 All Star Game due to the lockout, the city of Columbus was awarded the 2015 event.

Gregory Shamus

The NHL All Star Game, originally scheduled to take place in Columbus in January of this year, was cancelled due to the lockout.Gary Bettman went on the record saying that Columbus wouldn't have to wait long to get the event back, once play resumed.

True to his word, Columbus was awarded the 2015 game. There is no All Star Game this year due to the Sochi Olympics.

From the CBJ press release:

“The All-Star Celebration is a marquee event featuring the best players in the world and the Blue Jackets are thrilled to be able to bring it to Central Ohio for our fans and community,” said club Majority Owner John P. McConnell.  “Columbus and the Arena District offer an unmatched setting for this celebration of hockey and the NHL’s commitment to having the event here speaks volumes about the support of our fans and the strength of our market.”

I've become a huge fan of the Fantasy Draft component in recent years to decide the teams. No doubt one of the Jackets will be named Captain of the home team- imagine Sergei Bobrovsky drafting a team full of his Russian countrymen like Datsyuk, Ovechkin and Malkin.

This is fantastic news for the city, the fans, and the NHL. This event, coupled with on-ice success for the Jackets, will firmly place Columbus on the NHL radar.