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No Suspension for Dubinsky

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After his ejection, Brandon Dubinsky will not face further suspension.

Kirk Irwin

After the hit deemed on the ice to be so bad that it merited a five minute major AND a game misconduct, the League had a, shall we say, different view. Bob MacKenzie Tweeted as much:

NHL reviewed Dubinsky (CBJ) hit on Koivu (ANA). No supplementary discipline. Ruled a body on body hit with incidental head contact.

OK, then. So, I ask: at what point do the referees face any kind of disciplinary action? People reviewed the tape and called it a "body on body hit with incidental head contact" whereas the officials huddled and called it a five minute major for "interference" (wait, what?) AND a game misconduct that wasn't worthy of a raised hand (meaning, they called the penalty after the fact).

OK, then. Nothing to see here.