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Game Thread #8 - Blue Jackets vs. Canucks

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6:00 EDT - Nationwide Arena, Columbus, OH

Russell LaBounty-USA TODAY Sports

If you heard me on the DKM podcast the other night, I didn't sound worried. Tied 3-3 against Montreal, driving the play in the third period, with a struggling Caps team coming up, I wasn't worried. The Jackets were playing well, if not consistent, and it looked like they had a good shot of coming into this game with a record somewhere along the lines of 4-3-0 or 3-3-1. Nope. 2-5-0.

Remember how "bad" the start was last year? Yeah, me too. After seven games, that dreadful starting team was 2-4-1. They had five points.

That's right: this team is actually WORSE.


Enjoy the game.