2013 NHL Playoffs: The Game 7 Debate

As the Rangers and Capitals get ready to square off for the right to advance, here's a question: Do Blue Jackets fans root for their draft pick, or the players they've grown to love?

For fans in Columbus, the first round has been bittersweet.

Does anyone else think the Jackets would have produced a more exciting series against the Blackhawks than the Wild did?

How many fans were pulling for the Islanders until their efforts came up just short?

How many rooted for Marc Methot as the Senators dropped Montreal like a bad habit?

How many grumbled when the Ducks and Blues failed to take care of the Red Wings and Kings?

How many, now, are watching the Capitals / Rangers game tonight, and not sure quite who to root for?

On the one hand, we've got the Rangers' first round pick, and it'd be nice to see that one locked in - especially since the Kings might well go deep again, putting Columbus' third first rounder late in the round. It'd be good to have another mid-round pick to piay with, especially if the Roster Viking finds an opportunity to package it for an earlier selection.

On the other, you look at the former Jackets on the Rangers, and you want to see them do well. Even though a lot of fans still have conflicting thoughts on Rick Nash, pretty much everyone I've talked to is thrilled to see Derick Brassard blossom under the big lights, and impressed with the way John Moore has stepped up.

Seeing Derek Dorsett return and provide an immediate heart and soul to the Rangers was another moment of both pride and regret - if his collar bone hadn't been broken, who knows what might have happened over this season?

Do you root for the draft pick, or do you root for the guys we've been cheering for over the last several years?

Head vs. Heart is always a hard choice. Personally, I think I've settled into the "head", but I can't blame a single person who decides they'd like to see some of their favorite players win a round, even if they're no longer wearing Union Blue.

Who are you rooting for tonight?

Whatever happens, I'm just enjoying a Game 7.10

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