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New Feature: Dan P.'s Mailbag

Well, if you scroll down the front page, you know that this time of year--especially with some pending potential labor strife--is a bit sloowwwww. Rick Nash is gone. Training camp is still almost a month away. We have no idea what our lines are going to look like, or if either of our goaltenders can stop a puck. In other words, it's a tough time to get fired up.

With all of that having been said, we still want to connect and engage with you, dear readers. I know this format is a bit cliche, but what can you do? There's only so many chords you can plan on a guitar, right? Right??

Without further ado, I'm here to introduce a new feature: Dan P.'s Mailbag!

Yes, I'm ripping off most everyone in the world of sports media, but I just don't care.

Here's how it works: send me an e-mail with a question or opinion about some facet of the Blue Jackets, and I'll pick the five best each week and write a response to each one and post them here every Tuesday afternoon. Be sure to include your commenter-name with your e-mail. If it goes well, who knows what other doors it may lead us to as a community?

Alright, have at it. I'll be sitting here in front of my computer hitting "refresh".

Dan P.