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Emergency GT 65: Columbus Blue Jackets at Phoenix Coyotes

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Due to life being what happens when you make other plans, we've had a bit of a dearth in coverage today at The Cannon, but we are still committed to giving you what we can, when we can.

Tonight the team will meet back up with former comrades Rostislav Klesla, Antoine Vermette, Gilbert Brule, and Raffi Torres, while we see if Steve Mason can keep up his performance after an incredible shutout against the Avalanche.

Mason is, unfortunately, once again giving us fits - there's no question he has physical talent, and games like Thursday's contest show why he COULD be a top goaltender. But the problem is his head. With many of his issues boiling down to a lack of mental focus and buttery soft confidence, it's a constant case of goalie roulette when he takes the ice.

Here's hoping we get "Good Steve", and perhaps the team will be able to secure two wins in a row for just the third time this season.