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Game 41 Game Thread: Columbus Blue Jackets at Anaheim Ducks

Blue Jackets vs. Ducks
Blue Jackets vs. Ducks

Here it is, the Armageddon of the basement of the NHL. The winner gets bragging rights for being 29th. Though, if it's the Blue Jackets, the Ducks still have a game in hand so it may all be moot.

At any rate, both teams come in off a win in their previous game. Both teams don't score very much. Both teams give up a lot of goals. Something's gotta give, in either case.

Columbus trots out the same lineup from yesterday's gritty shut-out of the LA Kings, including Curtis Sanford who has been solid since coming back from his back injury and has allowed just two goals on 68 shots in his past two games out west.

Columbus got some great PKing yesterday, but would be wise to stay out of the box so much today. It would also be nice to see a PP goal, fellas. Just sayin'.

Enjoy the game! Another West Coaster that isn't on so terribly late!