2012 Offseason - CBJ Draft Lottery Tweetup!

Tomorrow, we'll find out if the Jackets will be picking first overall in the 2012 NHL Draft, and the fans are gathering to share the news, good or bad.

If you're looking for a bit of company, please feel free to join us at the Grandview BW3 on 5th Avenue. The event "officially" starts at 7pm in the main bar area. We'll have the draft lottery on the TVs at 8pm, while a small panel of "experts" (I mostly put that in quotes because they were crazy enough to invite me!) will be discussing things from the end of the season, the draft, and beyond starting at 7:30pm, with reactions and debate to start after the lottery is complete!

There will, as usual, be food and drink specials courtesy of the fine folks at BWW Grandview, and if you cannot be there, fans will be hitting Twitter using the #CBJDraftLotteryTweetUp so you can follow along from home or online!


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