2012 NHL Entry Draft First Round Discussion Thread

Hi everyone.

Now that the Bobrovsky wave has settled, let's turn our attention back to the other storylines we've been following:

1) The Rick Nash Deal. Will it happen tonight? Tomorrow? After July 1? Lots of intrigue, that's for sure. We'll keep you posted on everything.

2) The 2nd Overall Pick: Who will the Jackets take with the second overall pick? Will they play it safe with Ryan Murray, or will the Oilers decide to go that route, leaving Nail Yakupov up for the taking? Yakupov is the young, marketable star that the Jackets will need if/when Nash leaves town. Perhaps Yakupov or Murray aren't at the top of the Jackets' list, and they surprise us with somebody like Filip Forsberg or Alex Galchenyuk.

3) Will the Jackets take the Kings' first round pick? They have up to three picks before the Kings pick is scheduled (currently 30th overall) to inform Dean Lombardi on their decision to take this year's pick, or wait until next year.

4) Will the Jackets make any other deals, aside from Nash? Perhaps they aren't done with the goaltending situation, or maybe they load up on picks?

At any rate we'll keep you posted on everything. We've got Wagner on-site at CONSOL, and I'll be at the helm here.

Here's to a few brews and lots of woo-hoos!

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