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It's That Time - Fantasy Hockey Is Back!

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With the ice going in at Nationwide and players around the NHL getting themselves up to game speed, we're closer and closer to the start of the NHL season...and that means that Fantasy Hockey is just around the corner!

Last year we had enough interest to form two full leagues over at Yahoo! fantasy hockey. 

So, if you're interested, please let us know by leaving a reply with some information.

1) Do you prefer a league that lets you change your roster daily or weekly?

2) Do you want to draft on a weekday evening, or on a weekend?

3) Do you prefer a league with less teams and more available roster players, or more competition and smaller rosters?

4) Would you prefer a "Standard" draft or an "Auction" draft?

We'll set up leagues based on your answers and the level of interest, and try to have the teams drafted and ready to go by no later than October first!