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Today in the "A": Falcons Web TV

After a quiet week around the AHL, the Springfield Falcons have posted the weekly webisode of Falcons TV on their website.

This week's webisode (No, I'm not too fond of that moniker) touches on a variety of subjects including:
  • Father's Day: A look at how Bruce and Damon spent the day.
  • Falcons medical resources: importance to an NHL club regarding player's urgent care and ongoing treatments.
  • Tornado relief jersey auction: The Falcons have several replica jerseys (autographed) that are up for auction, with the proceeds going to help tornado victims in Springfield.
  • 2011-12 Schedule: pushed back somewhat, based on St. John's return to the league.
  • Stanley Cup in Springfield: Probably not going to happen.
  • Possibility of Winnipeg Falcons becoming the name of the relocated Atlanta Thrashers franchise
  • Free Agency: I found this to be the most compelling of this week's topics. If you choose to watch the webisode, you'll find that you have to watch all three parts to get all the talk on free agency. Bruce touches on it toward the end of the first segment, at the start of the second, then revisits it in the third. How's that for a teaser?
I found it compelling, because Bruce Landon comments directly on a conference call that he had Monday afternoon with Blue Jackets Assistant GM, Chris McFarland and Falcons head coach, Rob Riley. The topic of the call was how best to strengthen the Falcons lineup through free agency.


Where I was surprised the most was when Landon (a former goaltender) flat out said the plan is for Allen York to be the #2 guy here next season. He expects the Jackets to go out and land a legitimate #1 goalie for the Falcons, who then can be looked at as the "#3" guy for Columbus.

Later on, he comments about Derek MacKenzie and Kyle Wilson, saying that the intention was for both of them to play a full season here in Springfield last year. Obviously, those plans changed.

Finally, the "Spot Screech" Winner (a springtime Falcons promotion) is revealed to be none other than @KatyLovesHockey. Congratulations Katy!