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Game 81 Recap: Stop Me If You've Heard This One...

Another trip to Nashville ended with a loss by the Blue Jackets, though I will say that you could see the team clearly putting in effort - they outshot the Predators by 45-25 - but the performance by Pekka Rinne in net was simply exceptional, and the performance by Steve Mason...wasn't. 

The other problem with a losing season, when you get 81 games in, is that there's little to say that hasn't already been said, and little positive to say that isn't a platitude. (An old favorite is "Well, at least we're almost done...") The team's habit of being shut out of late was broken, at least, with Derick Brassard converting on a gorgeous pass from R.J. Umberger late in the second period, but the team was already in a 3-0 hole at that point, and nothing else made its' way past Rinne to pull them closer.

The train pulls into the station tomorrow against the Sabres, and I sincerely hope we see another 40+ shot game - I just hope that more of them find their way into the back of the net.