Scouting Report on the Penguins

Its obvious that the Pens have changed since that last time they played Columbus, and as a Pens fan (whose second team would be CBJ) I thought I'd give a brief scouting report on what the Jackets can expect this time around.

With Crosby and Malkin in the lineup this year (and last time they faced the Jackets) the Pens were a strong all around team, in the top 5 in both GF/Game and GA/Game.  Since Crosby's injury, that has changed significantly.  Offensively the team has dried up (shocking, I know).  Scoring over 3 G/Game with Crosby in the lineup, the Pens have fallen to only 2.15 since the injury.  Despite this, the Penguins have won 8 of their last 10 games.  They've done this through improved defense, moving from roughly 2.36 GA/game pre-injury to only 2 GA/game since then.  


Over this time frame they have surrendered more than 2 goals only 4 times in 13 games, and only twice in the last 10 (this is including an empty net goal Sunday for the third goal).  So what to expect?  A tight checking game where goals are at a premium for both teams.  Realistically if the Jackets can put more than 2 on the board they have a very good chance to win this game, and even 2 may get it done with strong defensive play.  Given how the previous game went, I fully expect the Columbus to come out looking for revenge and I'll be surprised if they don't at least get a point out of this game.