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Game 51 Open Thread: Wings on the Menu

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For the Jackets to make a serious push for the playoffs, they need to win divisional games. The Wings don't have all hands on deck yet, but they are still a dangerous team that can beat you in a multitude of ways.

Defenseman John Moore, who was brought up by the Jackets yesterday, will not make his debut tonight. There won't be any major lineup changes, and Steve Mason gets the start.

I for one am excited for this game. It's one of those games that will serve as an indicator of the team's future. If they crumble tonight, at this point in the season where there are no excuses, playoffs will be a long shot. If they show energy and can contain the Wings, and heck, even beat them-we can still talk about the Jackets making a late run for the postseason.

Go Jackets.


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