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Bizarro Game Day Matchup 27: Video Blue Jackets at Video Canadiens

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Today's Bizarro Matchup: Video Blue Jackets at Video Canadiens
Today's Bizarro Matchup: Video Blue Jackets at Video Canadiens

The Video Blue Jackets didn't get the chance to enjoy the R&R that their real life counterparts did, but after a seven-goal onslaught against the Video Oil, they came into Fake Montreal on a bit of a roll. The new-look lineup did nothing to derail the train, either.

Centering the second line, Video Ryan Johansen was a beast, and the Jackets outworked the Video Canadiens en route to another beat-down. The Fake Jackets were tremendous in crashing the net, and while special teams did make a big appearance in this game for both sides, I give the edge to Columbus at the end.

Overall, it was nice to have Video Juice back, too, even though for some reason the game has him as #22 and Video Vinny as #20. Confusing, yes, but a nice problem to have!

As always, video after the jump followed by some game notes. Enjoy!

1st Period

2nd Period

3rd Period

Final: Blue Jackets 7, Canadiens 3 - Game Notes:

  • Three Stars: 3. Ryan Johansen, 2. James Wisniewski, 1. R.J. Umberger
  • I really thought Joey was going to get the hat trick. I tried, oh how I tried.
  • I thought I did a better job setting up second-chance goals and good scoring chances. The shorties were especially rewarding.
  • Speaking of, Video Carey Price apparently doesn't like to freeze the puck. I think two of the seven goals were direct results of him passing it to a Video Jackets player when he should have just eaten it.
  • Yep, Samuel Pahlsson "back-checks like a demon." I heard it to. Video Bill Clement, everybody.
  • Nice to see Video Wiz finally bury one of those slapshots!
  • Overall, it's back-to-back bizarro games with seven goals for the Video Jackets. Seriously, this has to rub off sometime, right? RIGHT?!?

Enjoy the game!