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Shrapnel - 12/6/11

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Welcome home?
Welcome home?

This is the new face of the NHL.

There's a lot of reactions to the new alignment, particularly from the Jackets fanbase, where reactions have been guardedly positive.

Tapeleg isn't overwhelmed at JAHL, and sees the Jackets as a big loser. DBJ mostly sees it as a money grab, and Gallos feels like the playoffs are going to be that much more difficult.

The Jackets brass are calling the realignment vote a "fantastic night", Travis has a look at how it will affect all 30 teams at SBN, Justin Bourne argues it's not worth the cost, and Puck Daddy takes a look at the new travel costs for each team.

Oh, and did we mention the playoff format is still a wide open question?

Moving away from the realignment, Gallos has a great piece at DBJ talking about Brass, Commie, Calvert, & Claude.

Over at LTL, it's time for another edition of Buy, Sell, Panic.

Speaking of Panicking, former ESPN analyst Matthew Barnaby could be deported after a DWI.

Congratulations to Petr Straka and Lucas Sedlak, who have been named to Team Czech Republic for the WJC.

And finally, did you know that Sidney Crosby's backhand is sick and or nasty?