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Game Thread #38: Capitals vs. Blue Jackets

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So sorry everyone! Being a new parent has sapped me of most of my strength, attention span, and ability to function. Babies run the show, apparently.

At any rate, my apologies for not scheduling coverage for the game preview. It's New Year's Eve... let's end this dreadful 2011 with a win over the Capitals, and bring in a hopefully brighter 2012. Hopefully the Blue Jackets can ride the momentum of the last two games' defense, and also build on Thursday's very solid offensive performance as well. The new-look top line of Rick Nash, Jeff Carter, and Ryan Johansen was especially solid.

Notes: David Savard was recalled today for the Jackets to take Wiz's roster spot. I haven't seen what the pairings look like, so forgive me for being ill-prepared.