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Shrapnel - 10/16/11

Well, there's no way to say it politely: The season, so far, sucks. It's not what we expected, it's not what we wanted. But at least misery shared is misery lessened, right? And despite it all, I still want to believe in this team. 

We'll keep this fairly simple - for recaps of last night's game, check out our takeDefending Big DPuck-Rakers, and DBJ

Icethetics has a nice look at third jersey schedules, including Columbus.

Oddly enough, Puck Daddy thinks the Jackets could really use James Wisniewski.

The Kings won in OT against the Flyers, but lost Drew Doughty to an "upper body injury". Not a good year so far for the franchise D-man.

LTL went to Vegas...and it sounds like he lost $20.

Over at Backhand Shelf, Cam has a decent argument against taking CORSI too seriously, and their weekly "Bottoms Up" features the Jackets, but also a nice guest appearance from Kyle Wellwood.

Shane Doan is 1 goal shy of 300, despite never having a hat trick. 

How much does a goalie have to pay attention to during a game? DBJ has a quick visual guide.

A red letter day: Don Cherry apologizes. In no small part due to the lawsuit threat, I'm sure, but still good to see him back down a bit.

I don't know about you, but I want some coffee. Let's grab that to go.