2011 NHL Draft Lottery Tonight

Before the playoffs start, it's time for the last bit of luck that any of the eliminated teams can hope for - the 2011 NHL draft lottery.

Thanks their skid through the final ten games, the Jackets currently own the 7th overall pick, and could jump up to 3rd overall if the draw goes their way. It's a 4.7% chance, but on the other hand, it's still a chance.

If the Jackets should "win" the lottery and move up to 3rd overall, I could see Scott Howson considering to keep the pick and giving a long look at Gabriel Landeskog or Jonathan Huberdeau. If they stay at 7th, or drop down to 8th due to one of the teams behind them winning the lottery, it seems more likely than not that the pick would be in play, but there are still some solid prospects should he stand firm.

One way or another, the draft lottery will be aired on Versus tonight at 8pm. Tune in, crack a beer, and who knows...we might just get lucky.

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