SBN Mock Expansion Update: Au Revoir, Rusty!


As the great SBNation Mock Expansion draft concludes, it appears that the new Jets & Nordiques only selected one player off Columbus' list of unprotected skaters. Rusty Klesla, the last original Blue Jacket, will be off to the buzzing metropolis of Quebec City as part of the new Quebec Noridques. What would this mean for Columbus if it really happened? Probably that our D-pairings for 2010-11 would look like this: Commodore - Russell Hejda - Tyutin Stralman - Methot Moore Let John Moore get some good experience as the 7th d-man, some PP time, and if he plays well enough to move up in the chart, so much the better! In reality, we'll still be figuring out these pairings and more than a few headaches to come as the season goes on, but it was a fun chance to play "What if...?" Don't forget that thanks to the magic of NHL 11, our new "Jets" and "Nordiques" will be playing a 7 game series later this week. Keep going back to the Mock Expansion page to see the full roster for each team and to keep track of how they do!