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Jackets add depth on Day 2

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Despite all the trade rumors buzzing around the club, so far the only move the Jackets have made on day two of free agency is to announce the signing of three AHL level players on two-way deals - defenseman Nate Guenin (an OSU product, and late of the Pittsburgh Penguins), former Syracuse Crunch regular Trevor Frischmon, and forward Kyle Wilson, late of the AHL Calder Cup Champion Hershey Bears.

It's all depth moves, and no huge surprises, though I am a little curious why they signed a FA defenseman when Springfield is expected to be pretty heavily stocked with D prospects like John Moore, Teddy Ruth, David Savard, Cody Golobuef, and Brent Regner, among others. This may be a 'safety' move in case they need a (relatively) veteran guy in Springfield to help the others along, or in case one or more of the guys fighting for a spot in camp ends up making the big club.

Check out the formal press release here

Keep checking back as day two of the 2010 free agent season goes on - we'll keep you up to date as things happen!