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Jackets Claim Ethan Moreau on Waivers

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An interesting move by the Jackets today- they claimed winger Ethan Moreau on waivers from the Edmonton Oilers. It would seem that General Manager Scott Howson is constructing a checking line of Samuel Pahlsson, Chris Clark and now Moreau.

If that's the case- this is a great move. Look at the positives:

  • He's a veteran leader, wearing the "C" in Edmonton last season. With a team as young as Columbus, he will be a huge asset in the locker room
  • He's in the final year of his contract, which is paying him only 1.75 mil. It's a 2 mil cap hit.
  • In a checking role, he won't be relied on for offense, and he could focus on shutting down opposition forwards.

I'm still hoping for Nikita Filatov to return to the lineup, if that's the case I could see RJ Umberger move down to the third line, pushing Clark to the fourth, where he spent some time last year. Overall, great move.