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2010 NHL Draft Open Thread

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I'll leave this thread going all day, we can use it as an open forum leading up to, during, and after the draft. As our picks are made or if there are trades made by the CBJ, I will make a separate post dedicated to that move. Otherwise, this is your draft thread folks! I'd love to hear your thoughts on what you think the Jackets will do- will they trade the pick? Keep it and draft one of the big three?

Here's my final "wish"- I want the Jackets to trade down to the 7/8/9 position, and draft Ryan Johansen. I'm loving more and more what I read about him, and he fits an obvious organizational need. The big three defensemen available at fourth overall are fantastic, but one must not forget about the depth and talent already in the system.

David Savard just won the award for Top Defenseman for the entire CHL. Cody Goloubef is making the transition to pro next year along with Teddy Ruth and last year's first rounder John Moore. There is serious talent there- and I think that will allow the Jackets to use their first pick on a center.

In the process of trading down, the Jackets can perhaps pick up a second round pick. (Looking at you Carolina) and that would give Columbus three picks in the second round. At that point, some or all of those picks could be packaged to either move up into the late first round, or be moved for an NHL player- preferably a blueliner.

At any rate this should be an exciting weekend for Columbus fans!