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NHLPA Olympic Jersey Auction

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This message arrived in my inbox today:

The season might be over for the Columbus Blue Jackets but eBay and the NHLPA are teaming up to offer Columbus fans the ultimate consolation prize: the chance to own a piece of hockey history. Starting May 11, for the first time ever, eBay and the NHL will release the complete set of authentic, game-worn 2010 Olympic hockey jerseys for auction, benefitting the NHL’s Hockey for Haiti charity.


The special auction event-- six separate seven-day auctions, beginning May 11 with 23 Team Canada jerseys, and running through June 15 (Switzerland, Belarus, Norway, Germany and Latvia Teams) – 140 jerseys in all. All NHL stars who participated in the Olympics will be represented, including the following players from the Columbus Blue Jackets:


Samuel Pahlsson

Fedor Tyutin

Jan Hejda

Rick Nash- the jersey he wore when he scored his first Olympic goal!


In addition to the local players, here are a few other notable jerseys to check out:

  • Ryan Miller (USA): jersey worn during his first Olympic win
  • Bobby Ryan (USA): first goal of the Olympic tournament
  • The white Team Russia jersey, only worn once

All proceeds raised will be donated to Hockey for Haiti, which aims to help strengthen Haiti's ability to provide critical medical and healthcare for the earthquake's survivors and affected communities.

Be sure to check these out Jacket fans! I'd love to get my hands on that Nasher!